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Archive for the ‘Reference’ Category

Nechama Brodie Shares 10 Key Historical Moments for Johannesburg

The Joburg BookNechama Brodie, author of The Joburg Book: A Guide to the City’s History, People and Places, has written an article for In Your Pocket entitled “10 Key Moments in Johannesburg History”.

Brodie’s guide to the city was recently relaunched in a new, updated edition, and includes hundreds of historical photos, reference maps and an engaging and authoritative historical background.

Johannesburg was declared a city in 1928, but originally “sprang up from a tent-town mining camp”, where men had gathered in search of gold.

1. Johannesburg sits on the edge of the world’s largest known gold deposit – in the Witwatersrand Basin, once the site of a massive inland sea.

2. Two billion years ago, a giant meteor struck the earth at Vredefort, about 120km south-west of Joburg. The impact – the oldest and largest visible meteor impact site in the world – buried the Witwatersrand gold deposits up to several kilometres deep, protecting the gold from erosion and making for the deepest-level goldmines in the world.

3. Nobody really knows (exactly) where the name ‘Johannesburg’ came from. ‘Johannes’ was – and still is – a popular Dutch and Afrikaans name: the Boer president, the town surveyor, the mining head and the military commander present at the time the town was established all carried the name.

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New: Updated Version of Nechama Brodie’s The Joburg Book: A Guide to the City’s History, People and Places

The Joburg BookPan Macmillan presents an updated edition of The Joburg Book: A Guide to the City’s History, People and Places, by Nechama Brodie:

Johannesburg: a city of thieves and dreamers, home to more than four million inhabitants spread out over an area larger than greater London …

An engaging and authoritative history that follows the story of the city through its spaces and communities – from the city centre to Joburg’s expanding suburbs. With dedicated chapters about Lenasia, Alexandra and the Southern Suburbs – together with Soweto, the CBD, Hillbrow, the far north and the central suburbs – it offers an inclusive history of Joburg, written by contemporary journalists and academics and featuring a selection of songs, poems and expert articles that give voice to the city’s diverse peoples and reflect its shifting social landscapes.

The Joburg Book also includes hundreds of historical photos, 15 reference maps, recommended itineraries and places of interest in and around the city, together with contact numbers and web addresses.

This updated edition for 2014 has updates of new spaces, such as Constitution Hill and the Gautrain, as well as new tours and excursions.

“Nechama Brodie’s fine pop-culture history of the city, The Joburg Book, became my bible …”Lauren Beukes

“… the best city guide produced on Johannesburg. The Joburg Book is primarily a triumph of picture research and design, its handmade look hinting at Johannesburg’s story is one of creative improvisation. Brodie deals with all aspects of the changing landscape, quoting diverse sources on history and popular culture.”Mail & Guardian

About the author:

In her 16 years as a journalist Nechama Brodie has covered books, music, arts, culture, lifestyle and heritage stories for The Sunday Times, Mail & Guardian, City Press and Wanted (the Business Day magazine). Nechama is a contributor to women’s magazines such as Marie Claire, ELLE and Women’s Health, where she writes on beauty, health, wellness and body issues – including her training as a ‘white collar’ boxer (she has fought in three bouts) – and writes for local food and design publications VISI and TASTE. Nechama lives in Johannesburg with her two young boys, one ageing cat, one over-enthusiastic dog, four guitars and too many books, shoes and dresses.

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Win “Teach Yourself” Books by Tweeting: Competition Ends this Friday, so Hurry!

Teach Yourself Everything

Teach Yourself Complete ZuluTeach Yourself Complete ZuluThe well-known Teach Yourself book series ranges a variety a titles and interests, such as Teach Yourself Zulu and Teach Yourself: Understand Psychology. In order to help you stick to your New Years resolutions, Pan Macmillan is holding a Teach Yourself Resolutions 2011 Competition, where you can win a Teach Yourself book hamper with titles that will help you in losing weight and learning a third language.

In order to enter win the competition, send in your New Years resolutions to Pan Macmillan’s Facebook page, or tweet to @PanMacmillanSA on Twitter, and don’t forget the hashtag #TYResolutions. The competition ends on the 4th of February, so get Facebooking and Tweeting soon.

How well have you stuck to your 2011 resolutions? Not that well? Good, but want to do even better? Pan Macmillan is here to help. All week we will be giving you tips on how you can lose that weight, learn a third language and maintain a healthy balance. All you need to do is tell us one of your resolutions and if you have managed to stick with it so far. There are three hampers of Teach Yourself books to help you succeed.

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Book Trailer: Lose the Business Plan: What They Don’t Teach You About Being an Entrepreneur

Lose the Business PlanIt’s all in the business plan…or is it? Tried going the tradtional, “tried and tested” route, projected financials, solid business plan, maybe even secured a loan, but still coming up against a brick wall?

Or perhaps you’re a budding entrepreneur, eager to get your business up and running, either way, this video promoting Lose the Business Plan: What They Don’t Teach You About Being an Entrepreneur is worth a look:

YouTube Preview Image

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New: Andrew Levy’s Labour Law in Practice

Andrew Levy's Labour Law in PracticeFew names are as well known in the area of labour law as that of Andrew Levy. In Andrew Levy’s Labour Law in Practice: A Guide for South African Employers, Levy and his co-authors, Jackie Kelly and Daniel Levy, share their vast experience of South African labour law for the benefit of the average manager who has a million things to do but also has to cope with everything demanded of him or her by labour legislation in this country.

South African labour law is generally seen as a rigid and difficult to administer, but with the right guidance it is not as daunting as it seems. All a manager needs to do is to understand the context of the law in which he or she is operating, and apply the principles fairly and consistently.

  • The book is written in an easy-to-read style and recommends a non-legalistic approach to labour-relations practices.
  • The book is written for business people and human relations managers who are not labour law experts- the authors decode the legal jargon and explain how best to implement good labour practices in business.
  • Labour-related issues are often seen as complicated and can be extremely intimidating for employers- this book helps business people to navigate these difficult waters with ease and common sense.
  • This is NOT a labour law textbook.

About the authors

Andrew Levy is South Africa’s top labour law consultant and has extensive experience with strikes and collective bargaining. He is highly sought after as a commentator on labour-relations issues.

Andrew has been at the forefront of labour relations in South Africa, and is a well-known teacher, writer, arbitrator, broadcaster and commentator on South African labour and employment.

He is joined in the practice by his son Daniel Levy, who specializes in the running of disciplinary hearings and dismissal disputes.

Jackie Kelly provides research services and edits the Wage Settlement Survey which reports on wage agreements and settlement levels, as well as the Industrial Action Monitor, which produces data on strikes and similar labour disputes.

Author biographies courtesy Andrew Levy Employment

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  • Andrew Levy’s Labour Law in Practice: A Guide for South African Employers by Andrew Levy, Jackie Kelly, Daniel Levy
    EAN: 9781920434045
    Find this book with BOOK Finder!

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