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Archive for the ‘Humour’ Category

Anton Taylor in Rehab (Well, Sort of)

The Wisdom of Jozi Shore“Hi guys. As you may have noticed from some of my statuses and pictures, or by reading kindhearted comments on my YouTube videos, over the years since school I have lost my once-lean physique and developed quite a severe fast food addiction,” writes Anton Taylor, author of The Wisdom of Jozi Shore, in a statement for Osumo, a chain of high quality healthy food cafes in Cape Town.

He says, “Sometimes when I feel sad I eat, and then sometimes after eating I feel fat and then sad.” After hearing about Taylor’s discontent with his body image, Osumo have offered to help him in his journey to becoming the lean, mean chick-scoring machine he once was by giving him free health food and sponsoring him “in the rehab, AA sense of the word”.

Taylor was the victim of a hit-and-run incident in Plettenberg Bay on 28 December, leaving him somewhat incapacitated and dependent on a wheelchair to get around and prohibiting him from hitting the gym Jozi Shore-style. He fully realises the pressure his campaign with Osumo puts on him to lose weight: “Obviously it will be super awkward if I become obese(r?) after making this announcement, so in the interim as I wait to gym again, I will rely on Osumo’s delicious healthy food and some of the malicious YouTube comments and tweets I get to motivate me to stay/get in shape.”

Jozi Shore’s Anton Taylor fell victim to a terrible hit and run accident in Plettenberg Bay shortly before the new year. True to style, he has turned this unfortunate incident into a positive reinforcement of what he plans to achieve when he is back on his feet. (In the mean time, his wheelchair has served as a convenient mode of transport for his female fans- what’s a person to do!) Here is Anton on his fast-food addiction, gym & hopes to adopt some healthy habits in 2014!

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Video: Anton Taylor Shares His Thoughts on The Wisdom of Jozi Shore

The Wisdom of Jozi Shore“Choosing a favourite line is like choosing a favourite child. How do I pick! There are a 101 of them,” said Anton Taylor when asked on Expresso to highlight the best advice from his book The Wisdom of Jozi Shore.

The book is “a sure guide to understand those Joburgers out there” and includes wisdom found during the filming of the web series Jozi Shore with tips and lines to help the typical ‘oke’ find love. Taylor admits that these lines never really work to pick up girls but that they tend to illicit some fist bumps and a few free drinks from the guys.


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Anton Taylor on How to be a Joburg Boet, The Wisdom of Jozi Shore and the Show, Jozi Shore

The Wisdom of Jozi ShoreThe Wisdom of Jozi Shore author Anton Taylor recently spoke to the Saturday Star‘s Shameer Naik about Jozi Shore, a spin-off of the American reality show Jersey Shore, which aims to highlight the differences between “boets” from Joburg and “hipsters” from Cape Town.

Taylor says the idea came form his friend and partner Dean Shamley. “We went for beers one afternoon and he suggested that we play on the cultural clash between Joburgers and Capetonians, and suggested the name. After that, I called up some of my friends, we drank a lot of beers, turned on the camera, and winged it.”

When asked about the book, Taylor says: “I have to modestly say that I think it is just great. We noticed that people really responded positively to our one-liners, so we thought we’d make a book compiling our favourite one-liners, as well as some new ones.”

1.) For those who don’t know anything about Jozi Shore, what is the show all about ?

Jozi Shore revolves around the cultural clash between Joburg and Cape Town citizens.

Essentially, the story line is about a group of Joburg boets, who come down to Cape Town. I visit my cousin, who is a stereotypical Cape Town hipster, and whose love of free-trade coffee and yoga I cannot comprehend.

Throughout the series I endeavour to teach him how to become a proper boet.

2.) Was the show inspired by international hit reality shows Jersey Shore and Geordie Shore?

Apart from the name, and elements of the structure, not too much. Obviously in Jersey Shore there are some parallels, as the guys take juice and put on fake tan, but they’re reality shows whereas we’re having a laugh and playing stereotypical characters

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Anton Taylor’s The Wisdom of Jozi Shore Launched at EVO Fitness

Anton Taylor

The Wisdom of Jozi ShoreIt was not your typical night at the gym when a bunch of “bruthahs” and “bints” pitched, all biceps a-bulging and their sweat bands colour-cordinated to match the decor, at Evo Fitness in Claremont last week. Neither was it your conventional book launch, where literati gather to sip their wine and compare notes on the latest outpourings poetic and metaphoric. Original, hilarious, weird and wonderful – that was the launch of first time author, Anton Taylor’s humorous tome, The Wisdom of Jozi Shore.

The lights dimmed as the striking chords of Carl Orff’s “O Fortuna” sounded in preparation for the victory march. A suitably attired minion took each dramatic step slowly forward, bearing aloft the sacred box. He stepped through the weight stations and around the kettle-bells, past the bell bars and the hard foam rollers to the sounds of cymbals and orchestral magnificence.

In that hallowed hall where the body beautiful is made manifest, the author, looking anything but priestly, received and opened the beautifully crafted box containing the first copy off the press. With the revelation of the blessed book to an adoring (and, it must be said, snickering) crowd, Taylor said, “This is obviously a very somber moment.” More giggles ensued when he said, “We’ll be having a reading from the modern-day wisdom, Jozi Shore, and we ask that you maintain absolute silence. Or we’ll f*ck you up…”

Suffice to say that the silence didn’t last long and the mirth ensued as extracts from the text were read aloud by a team of beefcakes who “reflected” on the mysteries of the bench press, light beer, steroids and whey protein.

* * * * * * * *

Liesl Jobson (@LieslJobson) tweeted from the launch using #livebooks and #JoziShore:


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Podcast: Anton Taylor Discusses The Wisdom of Jozi Shore

The Wisdom of Jozi ShoreAnton Taylor spoke to Sara Cohen on 567 Cape Talk about his show Jozi Shore and the book based on it, The Wisdom of Jozi Shore. He explained that his character on the show and in the book is “a Joburg boet”, who goes to H20, gyms hard and probably takes steroids. “Legs are just thieves stealing nutrients from your arms and chest,” Taylor said, quoting from the book.

Taylor commented that the book is an infinite source of wisdom: “You can just open it up on any day and take a reading and it can guide you.”

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Girls, Cars, Steroids and Money: Anton Taylor Presents The Wisdom of Jozi Shore

The Wisdom of Jozi ShoreThe Wisdom of Jozi Shore is filled with nuggets of ‘sage’ advice and knowledge that are essential to any guy who is serious about looking after himself physically and who is looking for advice on how to navigate his way around the fairer sex.

The book is organised along a series of themes including girls, cars, steroids, gym and money, to mention a few. It contains many hilarious one-liners of the Jozi Shore gang’s outlook on life and how they live theirs in such a way that they’re always at their peak. These one-liners include such gems as:

  • ‘I don’t trust a man whose arms are thinner than a girl’s.’
  • ‘If the bar’s not bending, you’re just pretending.’
  • (When buying special supplements): ‘I mean brutha, we see everything on the shelf, but you know, we’re looking for something extra special … Something under that counter there.’
  • ‘I’m not actually as tall as I seem, I’ll let you in on a secret, I’m just sitting on my wallet.’

These and many others provide entertaining and provocative insight into the world of ‘Jo’burg boets’, as they have been dubbed by the Jozi Shore crew. These one-liners have taken on a life of their own and are frequently quoted among the fans of the videos – not always in the tongue-in-cheek way in which they are intended.

The book also contains photographs of the members of Jozi Shore, individually and as a group, in scenes where they are most blissful – at the gym, at a health shop buying their protein shakes and steroids, and of course, trying to get girls.

About the author

The main driving force behind the YouTube series Jozi Shore is Anton Taylor, who graduated from the University of Cape Town with five majors and an English Honours degree. He, and the other members of Jozi Shore, are nothing like their respective characters. With these videos they are having fun and making fun of the stereotypes that the videos present.

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Catch Nik Rabinowitz in “You Can’t be Serious” at Suidoosterfees 2013

South Africa: A Long Walk to a Free RideThe world’s foremost “Xhosa-speaking Jewish comedian”, Nik Rabinowitz, will be performing during this year’s Suidoosterfees.

Rabinowitz and Gillian Breslin recently co-wrote South Africa: a Long Walk to a Free Ride in which they explain what the main problem with South African history is – that no-one can agree on it.

Catch Rabinowitz in his comedy show “You Can’t be Serious” on the 2nd of February at the kykNET Theatre.

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Zapiro’s Cartoon Following the Twitter and Media Storm Surrounding Madiba’s Health

Nelson MandelaFollowing a twitter trend in which the tweet “RIP Nelson Mandela” went viral and the media storm that erupted around Madiba’s hospitalisation last week, Zapiro has once again managed to accurately and humorously sum up the situation in his latest cartoon.

During Mandela’s stay in the hospital, journalists were not supplied with enough information, which led to rampant speculation about the seriousness of Madiba’s condition. Mandela has since been released from hospital after his respiratory infection was treated.

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