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Archive for the ‘Humour’ Category

‘The black writer is the least marketable in this country’ – Khaya Dlanga responds to Rod MacKenzie

To Quote MyselfKhaya Dlanga has written a response to a recent piece by Rod MacKenzie titled “Can a white man tell Khaya Dlanga how to write a memoir?”

The article, published on the Mail & Guardian Thought Leader website, refers to Dlanga’s To Quote Myself, which was released in a new, updated edition this year.

MacKenzie asks: “why should the rise of yet another young man in the advertising world that could be anywhere on the globe [...] be of any interest, indeed, be publishable? Is it simply because Khaya is ‘black’ and therefore more marketable? Should a whitey be suggesting how Khaya should write his own memoir?”

In his response, “Telling black people how to tell their stories is a way of gate-keeping storytelling”, Dlanga says MacKenzie wrote what he thought were “some good points here and there and some fair criticisms”.

“Yet,” he adds, “there is thinly veiled racism that he can’t even pick up in his commentary. It was polite racism. Which is the worst kind.”

Dlanga continues: “It was precisely because I am a black writer telling his own black experience that I am not marketable.”

Read on:

It is miraculous that [To Quote Myself] made it on the bestseller list to begin with. But guess what? It was the only book on that list by a living black writer. That is disgusting. We are in a majority black country yet there was only one book on the list. Just one. And worse, it was dead last on that list. I felt like the Some of My Best Friends Are Black of books. Look how generous and nice we are, we allowed a black, oops, a black person in the club.

Rod MacKenzie must tell us how that makes me or any black writer more marketable. I am very curious. The black writer is the least marketable in this country. The system is stacked against them. If black writers were more marketable, why aren’t they on bestseller lists? Why are there so few published? Rob forgets his privilege.

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Rebecca Davis Launches Best White and Other Anxious Delusions at The Book Lounge

Rebecca Davis

The launch of Best White and Other Anxious Delusions by Rebecca Davis at The Book Lounge was an evening of great hilarity.

Mervyn Sloman, owner of The Book Lounge, was in conversation with the author, a well-known columnist and journalist for The Daily Maverick, about a whole range of subjects.

Sloman began by welcoming the many guests, joking that he would insist on Davis’ next launch being at Cape Town Stadium.

Shop window at the Book LoungeBest White and Other Anxious DelusionsThe event kicked off with details of the colourful language that had offended those with more delicate sensibilities at a recent literary festival.

Davis’ mimicry of the unusual people she has encountered (Oscar Pistorius, fellow passengers on a SAA flight and her boss – on Hello Cupid) makes her a shoe-in for a stand up comedy show, and her accounts of her unusual life kept the audience roaring with laughter.

“A lot of people who don’t know her have, until now, thought her quite serious,” Sloman said of Davis, “a person who writes about serious issues in an intelligent way. For those of you who shared that misconception, forget about all that. This book is absolutely marvellous.”

After cracking the book open at 11.30 PM after a singularly awful day, when the publishing industry had profoundly dented his humour, Sloman says he found himself laughing aloud within two pages.

“I was guffawing! Even though I hate that word, that’s what I was doing. It felt good to laugh. It felt like the world was somehow a better place,” he said.

Davis interrupted him and, looking him directly in the eye, said “Well that’s just as well, Mervyn, because I wrote the book for you.” She paused, looked at the audience, and said, “And for you!”

The author shared her recollections of working as a “fake girlfriend” on a well known internet dating site, being paid to send notes like “Hi Hon, fancy a chat? xx” to some 5 000 people, and then being obliged to correspond with those who replied.

She recalled researching the number one hit single that played when “Marjorie from Wiltshire, 56″ was 17, as well as lying about having grandchildren who were watching Finding Nemo.

The experience was stressful and troubled her conscience. After a couple of back and forth messages, the person inevitably wanted to meet, at which point she had to pull the plug. “If you ever hear, ‘Good luck on your journey’ you know you’ve been well and truly had!”

The audience also heard terrific tales of Davis’ time working on the Oxford English Dictionary and her getting bumped from a flight while covering the Oscar trial.

If you could not attend, this podcast (provided courtesy of The Book Lounge) will delight almost as much as the book:

* * * * * * * *

Liesl Jobson (@LieslJobson) tweeted live from the event using the hashtag #livebooks:


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Rebecca Davis launched her book in conversation with Mervyn Sloman

Posted by Pan Macmillan South Africa on Monday, 22 June 2015


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Anton Taylor After Listening to Julius Malema: We Fear Groups We Have Never Engaged With

The Wisdom of Jozi ShoreBehind the Door“Some people claim it is this fear of the unknown that made Oscar shoot four times, and although I’m not sure about that, I do know that the dread of imagined threats and ruin to come certainly doesn’t allow some of us to enjoy our lives and country as we should,” writes The Wisdom of Jozi Shore author Anton Taylor, going on to say that people live in fear of people “they have never engaged with”.

Taylor recently wrote an emphatic Facebook post after attending an event where Julius Malema addressed the Cape Town Press Club. The EFF leader’s speech impressed Taylor as it showed him that getting out of your house to engage with those you fear, in his case Malema and what he envisions for South Africa’s future, could lead to unexpected wisdom.

“I think that for some Julius becoming president ranks as one of the things in the world they fear most (second to Woolworths closing down),” notes Taylor. “I’m not trying to get all Instagram inspirational quote with a sunset up in here, and not condoning (or condemning) Julius’s views or actions, but the more we talk with each other, the more this paralysing terror will subside.”

For more on the Oscar Pistorius case have a look at Mandy Wiener and Barry Bateman’s Behind the Door: The Oscar Pistorius and Reeva Steenkamp Story.


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Anton Taylor Explains His Emotional Involvement in the Oscar Pistorius Trial

The Wisdom of Jozi Shore“I think the thing that might bother me the most about the Oscar trial is the way in which some people dismiss those who take an interest in the case and their opinions,” writes Anton Taylor, author of The Wisdom of Jozi Shore, in a recent post on his Facebook page, explaining his “emotional involvement in the case” and asking those who are not interested in following the trial to cease their “condescending tweets and statuses”.

Taylor notes that his so-called lack of legal knowledge should not exclude him from being allowed to have a vested interest in the case and expresses disdain at the “defeatist” way in which people view the harshness with which Pistorius’ advocate Barry Roux handles witnesses.

“Emotions can inspire humans to do great and terrible things, and in the long run, how we choose to channel those emotions will decide whether Reeva’s death was in vain, or whether it will lead to changes in our society that will one day mean that others, both similar and dissimilar to Reeva, will not have to die. It is then frustrating and unhelpful when people choose to patronise the strong emotions that many of us are experiencing with this case,” Taylor writes.


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Anton Taylor Praises Michelle Burger for Doing the Right Thing During the Oscar Pistorius Trial

The Wisdom of Jozi ShoreRight from the outset the Oscar Pistorius trial has gripped the nation, with South Africans responding to things going on in court. One such example was the widespread response to the “grilling” of state witness Michelle Burger by advocate Barry Roux for Pistorius.

Anton Taylor, author of The Wisdom of Jozi Shore, also responded “as a person with emotions”, noting on his Facebook page that he “couldn’t help but become furious at the way in which Roux (in my mind) bullied Burger and made it seem like she was somehow in the wrong for trying to tell the truth”. He congratulated Burger for doing the right thing, even if it was hard, reports Amanda Watson for The Citizen.

South Africans had high praise for Michelle Burger yesterday and were scathing of the man who had her in his crosshairs, Advocate Barry Roux.

Roux is representing Paralympian Oscar Pistorius who is on trial for the murder of Reeva Steenkamp on Valentine’s Day last year.

When Roux began his intense cross examination of Burger, and of her testimony, it did not take long for the court of public opinion to spring to Burgers defence on social media platform Twitter soon someone circulated a picture on the internet with the words “Introducing… The Michelle Burger… Extra Grilled!”.

Read Taylor’s full post from his public profile on Facebook:

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Anton Taylor: “I Am Sorry for All the People I Let Down”

The Wisdom of Jozi ShoreAnton Taylor has let some people down. More specifically, he feels he has let “the good people at Osumo” down after recently going on a bender of fast food and alcohol – nullifying the rehab process he had tackled with this chain of high quality Capetonian food cafes.

He stopped by one of their stores recently “to beg for penance and to get something green” into his system, meeting up with Springbok Siya Kolisi – who, judging by this photo, obviously does not approve of the Wisdom of Jozi Shore author’s unhealthy antics.

“Today I feel a bit like Toronto mayor Rob Ford after getting boozed and hitting the white pipe again, and I am sorry for all the people I let down that have been helping me in my battle against this fried rat filth; those who compliment me when I’ve lost weight, those friends that invite me to gym with them, and even those passive-aggressive pricks who make weight-related jibes followed by a winky face,” Taylor wrote in a statement on his Instagram account the day following what he refers to as a “KFC relapse”:

One might only imagine my demons after getting day-drunk yesterday and then subsequently suffering a KFC relapse, having not only a Double-Down Burger meal, but also a massive fried chicken piece and Colonel Burger.

My loser complex was exacerbated infinitely by the fact that I thought it would be a good idea to document my slip-up on every available social media platform.

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Video: Anton Taylor Hates Valentine’s Day

The Wisdom of Jozi Shore“We can’t really control whether or not we have a boyfriend or a girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, but what we can control is who we spend our time with and connect with on this terrible, terrible day,” says Anton Taylor, author of The Wisdom of Jozi Shore.

Taylor has collaborated with WeChat to create a short clip in which he expresses his feelings regarding “the worst day of the year”.

Watch the video to see why Taylor hates “this aberration of a day” so much and how he chooses to solve his problem:


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Anton Taylor in Rehab (Well, Sort of)

The Wisdom of Jozi Shore“Hi guys. As you may have noticed from some of my statuses and pictures, or by reading kindhearted comments on my YouTube videos, over the years since school I have lost my once-lean physique and developed quite a severe fast food addiction,” writes Anton Taylor, author of The Wisdom of Jozi Shore, in a statement for Osumo, a chain of high quality healthy food cafes in Cape Town.

He says, “Sometimes when I feel sad I eat, and then sometimes after eating I feel fat and then sad.” After hearing about Taylor’s discontent with his body image, Osumo have offered to help him in his journey to becoming the lean, mean chick-scoring machine he once was by giving him free health food and sponsoring him “in the rehab, AA sense of the word”.

Taylor was the victim of a hit-and-run incident in Plettenberg Bay on 28 December, leaving him somewhat incapacitated and dependent on a wheelchair to get around and prohibiting him from hitting the gym Jozi Shore-style. He fully realises the pressure his campaign with Osumo puts on him to lose weight: “Obviously it will be super awkward if I become obese(r?) after making this announcement, so in the interim as I wait to gym again, I will rely on Osumo’s delicious healthy food and some of the malicious YouTube comments and tweets I get to motivate me to stay/get in shape.”

Jozi Shore’s Anton Taylor fell victim to a terrible hit and run accident in Plettenberg Bay shortly before the new year. True to style, he has turned this unfortunate incident into a positive reinforcement of what he plans to achieve when he is back on his feet. (In the mean time, his wheelchair has served as a convenient mode of transport for his female fans- what’s a person to do!) Here is Anton on his fast-food addiction, gym & hopes to adopt some healthy habits in 2014!

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Video: Anton Taylor Shares His Thoughts on The Wisdom of Jozi Shore

The Wisdom of Jozi Shore“Choosing a favourite line is like choosing a favourite child. How do I pick! There are a 101 of them,” said Anton Taylor when asked on Expresso to highlight the best advice from his book The Wisdom of Jozi Shore.

The book is “a sure guide to understand those Joburgers out there” and includes wisdom found during the filming of the web series Jozi Shore with tips and lines to help the typical ‘oke’ find love. Taylor admits that these lines never really work to pick up girls but that they tend to illicit some fist bumps and a few free drinks from the guys.


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Anton Taylor on How to be a Joburg Boet, The Wisdom of Jozi Shore and the Show, Jozi Shore

The Wisdom of Jozi ShoreThe Wisdom of Jozi Shore author Anton Taylor recently spoke to the Saturday Star‘s Shameer Naik about Jozi Shore, a spin-off of the American reality show Jersey Shore, which aims to highlight the differences between “boets” from Joburg and “hipsters” from Cape Town.

Taylor says the idea came form his friend and partner Dean Shamley. “We went for beers one afternoon and he suggested that we play on the cultural clash between Joburgers and Capetonians, and suggested the name. After that, I called up some of my friends, we drank a lot of beers, turned on the camera, and winged it.”

When asked about the book, Taylor says: “I have to modestly say that I think it is just great. We noticed that people really responded positively to our one-liners, so we thought we’d make a book compiling our favourite one-liners, as well as some new ones.”

1.) For those who don’t know anything about Jozi Shore, what is the show all about ?

Jozi Shore revolves around the cultural clash between Joburg and Cape Town citizens.

Essentially, the story line is about a group of Joburg boets, who come down to Cape Town. I visit my cousin, who is a stereotypical Cape Town hipster, and whose love of free-trade coffee and yoga I cannot comprehend.

Throughout the series I endeavour to teach him how to become a proper boet.

2.) Was the show inspired by international hit reality shows Jersey Shore and Geordie Shore?

Apart from the name, and elements of the structure, not too much. Obviously in Jersey Shore there are some parallels, as the guys take juice and put on fake tan, but they’re reality shows whereas we’re having a laugh and playing stereotypical characters

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