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Archive for the ‘Food’ Category

Marlene van der Westhuizen’s Abundance Named Book of the Month by Savour Magazine

AbundanceSpar’s Savour Magazine has named Marlene van der Westhuizen’s cookbook Abundance: City Food from the Cape as their book of the month. Lisa Wallace describes the book’s photography as skilful and the recipes as flavourful:

The idea behind Marlene van der Westhuizen’s newly released cookbook , ‘Abundance’, captures life in the city and offers ideas for cooking that any city slicker would appreciate – fast, easy-to-cook recipes that are flavourful and exciting.

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Podcast: Leonie Joubert Discusses Food Security in Southern Africa with Bruce Whitfield

The Hungry SeasonLeonie Joubert recently talked to Bruce Whitfield on 567 Cape Talk, about her book The Hungry Season. Joubert said when she started the book she realised that when it came to food security most people only think of it in terms of what happens to commercial farmers and aren’t aware of the other factors. With South Africa’s population mostly in urban areas, it is important to look at how food secure people actually are, as food production is no longer directly linked to the land.

She visited eight families in different urban contexts in South Africa, Lesotho and Swaziland and ask questions about how and why food reaches certain areas and how people access it. She found that the modern food complex that provides us with cheap highly processed but nutrient-poor foods is problematic.

Listen to the podcast:

The podcast was also featured and discussed on Future Cape Town:

Our #CityTalk last week which crowdsourced ideas under the heading “Food and the City”, looked at various ways and ideas in which food security, urban farming, economic growth, food wastage and many other food factors impacted cities.

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Leonie Joubert Explores the Complexities of Food Security in The Hungry Season

The Hungry SeasonBusiness Day‘s Penny Haw has written about the extensive research that went into writing The Hungry Season: Feeding Southern Africa’s Cities.

Leonie Joubert and photographer Eric Miller travelled around South Africa to look at how issues of food security are affecting people in different ways. Haw writes that “food security is not just about the hunger and malnutrition that comes with unemployment and poverty, but also that which is hidden behind veils of prosperity and comfort” and this is what Joubert reveals in The Hungry Season:

To most of us “food security” is about having access to enough safe and nutritious food, with the inevitable ominous subtext being that the world’s future food needs cannot be met by present levels of production. But in The Hungry Season: Feeding Southern Africa’s Cities (Picador Africa), the Cape Town-based science writer and journalist Leonie Joubert reveals there’s a great deal more to it.

Food security is not, she says, just about “how to optimise calories per hectare”, but also about what we do with those calories. It’s about why, when a country appears to produce enough food to sustain its population, it is inaccessible to many. But food security is not just about the hunger and malnutrition that comes with unemployment and poverty, but also that which is hidden behind veils of prosperity and comfort.

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Win a Copy of Abundance by Marlene van der Westhuizen

AbundanceThree lucky readers stand a chance of winning a copy of Abundance by Marlene van der Westhuizen, courtesy Betty Bake blog.

There are four ways to enter: by subscribing to the blog, tweeting the competition (using @randomstruik and @bettybakeblog with #WinWithBettyBake), “liking” the Facebook page or posting the following as your own Facebook status: “I’ve entered to WIN THE ABUNDANCE COOKBOOK on Betty Bake … Here’s the link to enter”.

The blog also requires you to post a comment on their “Win the Abundance Cookbook” post, specifying which of the above you have done. The more of these you do, the better your chances will be.

Get the full details and rules:

3x copies of ABUNDANCE by Marlene Van Der Westhuizen from Pan Macmillan Publishers

THERE ARE 4 WAYS FOR YOU TO WIN – you will get an entry for each thing that you do AND LEAVE A COMMENT FOR. (No comment no entry)


1) Be a follower (Please enter your email address in the subscription on the side bar to your right) then leave a comment telling me you that you subscribed 1 – entry

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Jan Braai’s Recipe for the Perfect Snoek Braai

FireworksCape Town Magazine chatted to Jan Braai about the best way to cook snoek on an open fire. He said that this recipe, along with the comprehensive instructions, offers a good foundation, which you can then build on.

Jan Braai’s cookbook, Fireworks, offers more recipes and advice on mastering braaing as a cooking method.


1 fresh snoek
Olive oil
150 ml apricot jam
100 ml butter or olive oil
Juice of 1 lemon
4 chopped garlic cloves

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Cook Airy Vol-au-vent with Marlene van der Westhuizen’s Recipe from Delectable


The ladies from Lovilee recently hosted a Christmas dinner and served chicken-filled vol-au-vent, inspired by a recipe from Marlene van der Westhuizen’s Delectable. Van der Westhuizen’s latest cookbook is titled Abundance: City Food from the Cape.

Whilst working on ideas for food for the Christmas table, Carin from Purouge made mention of a Vol-Au-Vent recipe. I was not sure what they were, but when she showed me the pictures, I liked them.

Vol-Au-Vent: {French for “windblown” to describe its lightness} is a small hollow case of puff pastry.

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Brampton Suggest Wine Pairings with Recipes from Marlene van der Westhuizen’s Abundance

AbundanceBrampton Wine Studio has suggested wine pairings for two recipes from Marlene van der Westhuizen’s new cookbook, Abundance.

They recommend that beginner cooks prepare Van der Westhuizen’s tomato tarts with pesto and pair it with a fresh Brampton Sauvignon Blanc 2012. Cooking connoisseurs can try their hand at the recipe for ginger-poached pear and brandy tart and enjoy it with Nederburg Winemasters Reserve Noble Late Harvest 2011.

If sharing is caring then Marlene Van Der Westhuizen has certainly opened her heart with her latest cookery book, Abundance.

Brimming with luscious photos by Johan Wilke, it abounds in mouth-watering delights and little heartfelt suggestions on ways to enjoy her food and to live fully in the Mother City.

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Marlene van der Westhuizen’s Bread and Butter Pudding Recipe

AbundanceJust in time for tonight’s New Year’s feast, Eat Out magazine has published a dessert recipe from Marlene van der Westhuizen’s mouth-watering new cookbook, Abundance.

Whip up a fabulous bread and butter pudding to serve with the champers tonight – your fellow revelers will be infinitely grateful!


6 eggs
300ml full cream
300ml milk
60 g castor sugar
zest of 1 orange, very fine
1/2 t ground cinnamon
1 T vanilla paste
12 slices of panettone
60 g butter, unsalted
2 T brandy
2 T demerara sugar
1 T icing sugar
250 ml thick cream

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Jan Braai Goes on an Ultimate Braaing Holiday

FireworksJan Braai, author of Fireworks, sees this part of the year as a chance to partake in the ultimate braaing holiday – by taking a braai tour of the country! He wrote about his National Braai Tour exploits for the Getaway blog.

Nine is a nice round number. A cat has nine lives. A very happy person is on cloud nine. A fancy person is dressed to the nines. But vastly more important, nine is the number of days you have at your disposal when taking leave for one week flanked by two weekends. It also happens to be the number of provinces in South Africa. Bearing this in mind, I pioneered a National Braai Tour across the country.

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Course on Understanding the Urban Food System at UCT’s Summer School

The Hungry Season: Feeding Southern Africa's CitiesThe University of Cape Town’s Summer School is offering a course coordinated by Professor Gordon Pirie, deputy director of the African Centre for Cities, titled “What Does It Take to Feed a City? Understanding the Urban Food System”. Leonie Joubert’s The Hungry Season is on the recommended reading list for the course.

The lectures will examine Cape Town’s food system and show how food can be used to look at issues of urban sustainability and justice.

It will be held from Monday 28 January to Wednesday 30 January at The Centre for Open Learning and will cost R210. UCT staff members pay R105 and students can attend for the reduced rate of R53.

Event Details

  • Date: Monday, 28 January to Wednesday, 30 January, 2012
  • Time: 5:30PM
  • Venue: The Centre for Open Learning,
    Kramer Building,
    Cross Campus Road,
    Middle Campus,
    UCT | Map
  • Cover charge: R210
  • Register: Download the registration form as a PDF or Word document

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