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Archive for the ‘Food’ Category

Video: Jan Braai Prepares for September 24th with the World’s First Underwater Braai

Red HotIn preparation for National Braai Day, held on National Heritage Day on September 24th, Jan Braai went to the extremes – cooking up some boerewors on Mafadi peak, South Africa’s highest point, and then joining the fishes for the world’s first underwater braai.

The inititative was done “to make the point that braaing happens everywhere in South Africa”. Using a steel and glass structure, which was lowered down into the sea, Jan donned scuba gear in order to light the fire using rubber gloves that were attached to openings in the glass.

Watch the video:

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Jan Braai: Is Your Town Ready for Braai Day?

Red HotJan Braai, author of Red Hot, and the driving force behind the National Braai Day initiative, held on National Heritage Day on 24 September, has been busy preparing for this public holiday:

Press release:

Is Your Town Ready for Braai Day?

The countdown has started for the beloved and most anticipated public holiday in the South African annual calendar. National Braai Day on 24 September is just one week away and South African households are getting ready to gather around fires and do what they do best, ‘BRAAI’.

This year, the National Braai Day initiative is taking it one step further by changing various town names across South Africa to braai relevant names, in an effort to get all citizens ready for the big day.

Jan Braai, the man behind the National Braai Day initiative had this to say, “I am very excited about preparations for this year’s National Braai Day; we even went as far as changing town names to braai relevant names. We are revolutionary and National Braai Day is a revolution to unite all South Africans around fires one day per year. Names of places need to change to keep in tune with the changing times. And this week, names of towns need to change to get ready for National Braai Day. This is a revolution by the people, for the people. All South Africans like to braai”.

Over the past few months, the organisation took suggestions for name changes for towns from millions of South Africans around braai fires. New signs boards for towns were manufactured and sent to braaiers across the nation. Over the past few days, revolutionary braaiers erected these new sign posts in many places all across the country.

‘Houtbraai’, formerly known as Hout Bay, Gansbaai is now known as ‘Gansbraai’, Strand has been changed to ‘Brand’, Bredasdorp is now known as ‘Braaidasdorp’. Parkview is ‘Porkview’, Midrand is ‘Midbrand’, Woodmead is now ‘Wood & Meat’, Port Elizabeth is ‘Pork Elizabeth’, East London is ‘Feast London’, and Bryanston will this week be known as ‘Braainston’ . These are some of the towns which are among the Braai Day Towns for National Braai Day 2013 as the country braces itself for the festivities.

We would not want you to miss out, get involved by tweeting with the hashtag #braaidaytown to @JanBraai with the name of your #braaidaytown for #nationalbraaiday, you can also go and like Jan Braai on Facebook to follow the conversation about #braaidaytown and #nationalbraaiday.


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Andrea Burgener Points Out the Key Differences Between Being a Foodie and Being a Chef

Lampedusa PieAndrea Burgener, author of Lampedusa Pie, has written a column to educate foodies (she makes a point of apologising for using the f-word) on how to be more like chefs: “The good news is, it is much easier than you thought. In fact, the message is: stop trying so hard.”

A large part of the foodie phenomenon, the foodie “impulse”, is linked to the “chefdom-is-cool” phenomenon. Everyone secretly reckons that, in another life, they’d make a great chef. And maybe so.

But foodies, I’m here to tell you that if you really want to emulate chefs, most of you are going about it all wrong. You want to up your game from dilettante to seriously cool foodie? The good news is, it is much easier than you thought. In fact, the message is: stop trying so hard.

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Video: Leonie Joubert Delivers Talk on “Looking for the Optimal Diet for Us and the Environment”

The Hungry SeasonLeonie Joubert spoke at TEDxCapeTown on “Looking for the optimal diet for us and the environment”.

She relates how, while researching her book, The Hungry Season: Feeding Southern Africa’s Cities, she was shocked to see children being given white bread soaked in sugar water for breakfast from a food kitchen, but later discovered that this was common. She also found out that 1 in 5 South African children are so poorly nourished that many of them will arrive at school with a lower IQ than they could have had.

Watch Joubert’s discussion on food security:

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Videos: Andrea Burgener Judges a MasterChef SA Elimination Challenge

Lampedusa PieAndrea Burgener, author of Lampedusa Pie, was on MasterChef SA as the guest judge for an elimination challenge, which was all about creating the fusion food that Burgener is known for.

MasterChef SA judge Pete Goffe-Wood described Burgener as the Queen of Creative Cuisine and she commented that at her restaurant, The Leopard, a lot of their “dishes have evolved through creating one thing in the kitchen, combining it with another … seeing what works”.

Her dishes are colourful and eccentric, much like her personality. Andrea Burgener graced the latest Pressure Test (Episode 16, 31 July), and challenged the Contestants to think out of the box, instead of providing them with a recipe.

Pete described her as the Queen of Creative Cuisine. “Her food has been branded ‘global’ and ‘eclectic’,” he told the Contestants. “She is a self-taught cook and a very well known food writer and her current restaurant, The Leopard is one of Johannesburg’s most beloved eateries.”

After another Team Challenge, the Red Team faced an Elimination Round in the MasterChef Kitchen. “I’m feeling very nervous because if I mess up today I could go home. So there’s a lot of pressure,” 19-year-old Pretoria student Khumo said. This was also Joani’s first time in an Elimination Challenge.

Pete introduced the day’s guest chef. “Her food has been branded ‘global’ and ‘eclectic’,” he told them. “She is a self-taught cook and a very well known food writer and her current restaurant, The Leopard, is one of Johannesburg’s most beloved eateries,” said Pete. “Please welcome the Queen of Creative Cuisine, Andrea Burgener!”

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Jan Braai’s Red Hot Launched with Delicious Fare from the Book at Montecasino

Bryan Habana and Jan Braai

Dan Nicoll and Jan Braai Red HotIt was a jovial atmosphere at Cobblestones in Montecasino where the Jan Braai launch of Red Hot took place. Walking in, the first person one sees is rugby player Bryan Habana, who flew down from France to attend the launch, chatting away to Jan. Guests were greeted with two cocktails to choose from, both made from Klipdrift premium brandy, and there were plenty of ice buckets full of Castle beer to dip into.

Then everyone headed upstairs for the proceedings to begin. Russell Clarke from Bookstorm (publishers of the braai cookbook) started off by saying that Jan is just the kind of guy you want at a braai. Then he introduced eNCA broadcaster Dan Nicoll who compared Jan to the author of 50 Shades of Grey, as his previous book sold well: “Fireworks was the third best selling book of South Africa last year, so effectively you are here with the EL James of South Africa.”

Dan, who has been involved in Jan’s passion project Braai Day for the past five years, asked Jan how it came about and why it’s so important. Jan says, “We live in the coolest country in the world, sometimes people forget that…I realise that I was one of those people who didn’t appreciate living in South Africa and decided to quit my job and do something about it. In South Africa we don’t have a day to have a huge party (like other counties). We’ve got all these public holidays that celebrate religion and politics…but we can’t truly unite the people around these two subjects. We have 11 official languages but we have one word that is recognisable – everyone knows the word ‘braai’. Even the middle classes, who unfortunately use gas. So I thought let’s have one day where the nation gets together and party and braai.”

Dan then took the conversation back to the cookbooks, asking what the difference is between Jan’s first cookbook, Fireworks, and the one published now, Red Hot. “Fireworks was setting the base for how we braai…” Jan says. “Red Hot is the second half of this encyclopedia of braaiing or brible as we like to call it. Fireworks was a book for normal people like me. And this year I widened it a bit. In Red Hot there’s ostrich and venison recipes. It’s really also the place where I am in in braaiing at the moment.”

“For Red Hot you might have to go further than your local shop and go to a spice shop or a fish shop. For research for Braai Day we have to travel a lot and you eat steak and stout pie in every pub you walk in. So I wanted to see if I could create that on the braai. So there’s a steak and stout pie potjie recipe.” There are also loads of other delicious recipes in the book, like chicken sosaties with satay sauce and a braai bunny chow.

The best part of the evening came after the speeches, when guests got to taste some of the dishes from Red Hot while sipping on a Castle.

Facebook gallery

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Andrea Burgener Discovers a Dim Sum Spot in Johannesburg’s Old Chinatown

Lampedusa PieLampedusa Pie author, Andrea Burgener, has written about her rediscovery of a dim sum spot in Johannesburg’s old Chinatown in a column for Times LIVE.

Burgener recommends Ming Woo, which has been open for a year, and shares a tip: “If you don’t look obviously Asian, ask for the Yum Cha menu, or it won’t be given to you.”

“BLAH BLAH. New dim sum place in old Chinatown. Blah blah”. I can’t remember the surrounding words, or who spoke them, because all else fell away when I heard dim sum and old Chinatown together in a sentence. Nothing could be sweeter music to my ears.

Yum Cha, my favourite meal in the world (and the rightful place of dim sum), is now cooking again at the west end of Commissioner Street. For years (when old Chinatown was in its heyday) this was my favourite stomping ground.

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Join Jan Braai for the Launch of Red Hot at Monte Casino

Red HotJan Braai, founder of National Braai Day and host of the TV-show Jan Braai vir Erfenis on kykNET will be launching his newest cookbook, Red Hot, at the Cobblestone Pub in Monte Casino.

The event will take place on 15 August and starts at 6:30 PM.

See you there!

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Leonie Joubert to Discuss The Hungry Season with Antony Altbeker at the Troyeville Hotel

The Hungry SeasonJoin Leonie Joubert for a discussion about her book The Hungry Season and dinner at the Troyeville Hotel.

Joubert will be in conversation with Antony Altbeker on Thursday, 15 August at 7 PM for 7:30 PM.

Tickets cost R179 per person, which includes dinner. Booking is essential.

Don’t miss it!

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Video: Kyk wat Jan Braai hierdie week op Greyton braai in Jan Braai vir erfenis

Red HotJan Braai, Suid-Afrika se eie braaikoning en stigter van Nasionale Braaidag, se jongste kookboek, Red Hot, het pas by Pan Macmillan verskyn. Die nuutste reeks van sy kookprogram op kykNET, Jan Braai vir erfenis, het ook onlangs op die kassie begin draai en met hierdie program wys hy nie net Suid-Afrika se groot verskeidenheid dorpies, stede en bestemmings nie, maar ook hoe om ’n bobaas-braai aan die gang te kry.

In die episode van 9 Augustus gaan Jan kuier in die kunstenaarsdorpie Greyton, skilder hy ’n braaiportret en speel hy rolbal terwyl daar skaapboud op die braaivleisvuur knetter.

YouTube Preview Image


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