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An Excerpt from A Hill of Fools by Mtutuzeli Nyoka: An Old Man Remembers the Country of Doma

A Hill of FoolsMtutuzeli Nyoka has shared an extract on his website from his latest novel, A Hill of Fools.

Set in the fictional African country of Doma, A Hill of Fools tells the tale of the dictatorial King Kutu who calls on a high-ranking member of the country’s police force when Queen Anuba is brutally murdered.

In the excerpt, an old man is lying on his deathbed, remembering the country of Doma, “the land of riches and poverty, and of vice and virtue”. The old man begins to tell his visitor about the country, the kingdom, and all the sadness and romance that transpired there.

Read the extract:

The room was hot and stuffy – in fact it was an inferno. From the glow of the fire I could see his wrinkled features, his papery brown skin and his long and curly white hair and beard. He was a tall man, with broad shoulders, and a wide boxy and hairy chest. His brawny arms were to his side.

My eyes were drawn to the heavy bronze bracelet around his right wrist. Was this a sign of rank or station? Was this a symbol of a former life of privilege and grandeur? Had he been a soldier, or was I in the presence of royalty?

His breathing was laboured, his face sweating and his brown eyes half closed. He was old and ailing, and looked like a crumbling and dilapidated ruin. Next to the large and heavy wooden door lay an old dog.

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