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Read an Excerpt from Banished, a Fast-paced, Magical Adventure Story by Liz de Jager

BanishedBanished by Liz de Jager is the story of Kit Blackheart, a girl who is learning to use spells and ancient weapons to fight enemy fae – magical creatures that wield great powers.

Kit has sworn to herself to a mission to banish evil and chaos. While her family is away on different missions, Kit meets a handsome prince in need of protection. At this point, her oath must become action.

In the excerpt below, shared on pArticipate, Kit is in the middle of a fight for her and Prince Thorn’s lives:

I’m twenty metres from them when I pick up speed. I run at them, a wild battle cry tearing from my throat the last few metres. I burst out of the undergrowth screaming like a demon, throwing the redcaps into confusion. I leap at the nearest one, propelling myself forward by pushing down on a tree stump with one foot, and swipe at his exposed neck in mid-air as I fly by. It’s chaos around me. The first redcap I cut lets out a warbling moan and clutches the deep cut in his neck. Arterial blood sprays the clearing and the smell of the blood drives his cronies crazy.

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