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Auma Obama Film Shown at the Film Africa Festival in London on US Election Day

Auma and BarackObama family

And Then Life HappensA documentary about Auma Obama, half-sister of US President Barack Obama, was shown in London yesterday to coincide with the US election. Screenings of The Education of Auma Obama from part of the Film Africa festival.

The film was made by Nigerian-born Branwen Okpako, who now lives in Germany. She has been a friend of Auma Obama’s since the two met in film school in Berlin. When Okpako decided to make the film, Obama was apparently not too thrilled about the idea, but because Okpako is a friend, she felt reassured enough to consent to it.

Barack Obama, who was re-elected today as US President, focused in his election campaign on issues of family, women’s rights, education, health, jobs and more equality across the board. These are some of the things Auma Obama espouses in her own life and work in Nairobi, Kenya, with her organisation Sauti Kuu.

The Education of Auma Obama chronicles Obama’s life and follows the family in Kenya, documenting the moment in 2008 when her half-brother became the US President. Auma Obama’s memoir And Then Life Happens details her early years and includes how she met her half-brother and developed a deep affection for him.

When Barack Obama won the U.S. election four years ago, his Kenyan half sister Auma was with her family at their homestead, watching the historic occasion on television.

It was a night Auma Obama remembers well. “We had a lot of people visiting to watch with us,” she says. “There was a lot of excitement because it had been such a tough race. There was a sense of relief that all the hard work had paid off.

Winner of the award for Best Diaspora Documentary at the 2012 African Movie Academy Awards, ‘The Education of Auma Obama’ is a character portrait of the US President’s older half-sister, Auma.

Born, raised and now living in Kenya, Auma is a teacher who is seeking to inspire the future generation of socially-engaged activists who will lead the country.

Barack Jr and Auma are the children of Barack Sr, a Harvard-trained economist who lost his life in a car accident.

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Images courtesy of Eurosport and Jambo News Spot


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