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Videos, Gallery and a Story with its Head in the Clouds: On the Other Side of Shame Launched

Joanne Jowell Lynette Langman and Jenny Munitz The cover of Joanne Jowell‘s On the Other Side of Shame features a work of art by Kim Lieberman that expresses, as Pan Macmillan’s Terry Morris said at the book’s launch last night, “the subtle but perpetual ripple effects” of our actions – the way people reach out to one another, connect, sometimes even when facing the wrong way.

On a Sunday night in 2001, a doctor in Seattle named Antony reached out by placing a call to his biological mother in Cape Town, whom he had never known. The story of connections, coincidences and reunions within reunions that unspooled from that moment is a story packed with goosebump material, to borrow a phrase from the author’s launch speech.

Joanne Jowell certainly had her audience spellbound as she related some of the episodes in her book. Try this one on for size: Antony’s biological sister attended his wedding without knowing their true relationship. She’s all over the wedding video!

Joanne Jowell, Molly Cabral and Jeanette Markus Of all the special guests who attended the event – an affair that filled the capacious courtyard of the St John’s shopping centre in Sea Point – only one could claim a right to sit beside Jowell and sign books. Lynette Langman is the woman who took the call that day in 2001, a woman who literally passed through to the other side of shame, after giving birth to Antony out of wedlock when she was just seventeen. She named him David, but didn’t have him long: her parents, part of Cape Town’s conservative Jewish community, made her give the child up for adoption. The book narrates, in Lynette’s, Antony’s and others’ voices, the happy collisions that resulted decades later as a consequence of that decision.

Wayne Gates and Helen Boonzaier One mystery remained: How did Langman and Jowell – the latter of whom had been looking for a good story to tell – find each other? Quite incredibly, through that much-celebrated medium of communication, the haidresser, in this case the well-known Wayne Gates of Mouille Point. (He was naturally at the launch, too – he’s pictured at left.) It further turned out that Langman and Jowell were in fact related, Langman being Jowell’s mother’s first cousin.

Pan Macmillan is pleased to bring you a reading from On the Other Side of Shame and two further video clips, plus a gallery of snaps from the occasion:


Video: Joanne Jowell reads from On the Other Side of Shame

YouTube Preview Image


Video: Joanne Jowell talks about On the Other Side of Shame

YouTube Preview Image


Video: Lynette Langman speaks at the launch of On the Other Side of Shame

YouTube Preview Image

Photo gallery

Debra Levin, Cara Katz, Rahla Xemopolous and Aaron Levin Minette Minitzer and Sheena Brenner Gwen Alpert and Estelle Asherson Helen Boonzaier and Lviah Venster Nicky Ryan and Debra and Aaron Levin Beverly Zim and Maureen Barguirdjian Lynette Langman Joan Mendelsohn Leon Munitz and Sandy Gottschalk Joanne Jowell, Gavin Cohen and Jason Sive Richard Goldstein and Joanne Jowell Joanne Jowell and Joan Mendelsohn Natalie Altman and Joanne Jowell Brian and Jean Dillon Hilary Maraney The Langmans Max and Lynette Langman Launch Audience Frank Silbert, Debra Young and Charles Silbert Tracey Trevelyan-Marais Joanne Jowell and Lynette Langman Terry Morris

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